Old World Style Bedroom Furniture

Old World Style Bedroom Furniture, The traditional design of Old World is inspired primarily by classic European types of antiquity. Clearly influenced by the later Renaissance period, which featured enrichment of ornament and summarize, Old World reflects the elaborate details of french and English translation with this significant architectural movement. Since Roman design standards like columns and pilasters had been placed on furniture, a full complement of bases, cornices and pediments emerged, modifying cabinets, dressers and some other case pieces into scaled-down architectural compositions. Cathedral cherry wood and exotic avodire porcelain veneers are complemented by good herringbone inlay, with burnished edges and hand applied fronts giving a satiny glow to the rich pomegranate finish of Old World. Classic details associated with sculptural acanthus leaf designs, a rhythmic lamb’s language motif and baroque styled custom hardware add to the architectural splendor of the beautifully crafted collection.